Launch of additional Countries in Europe

Neodent is now available in Germany, France, Hungary, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Sweden, Denmark and Finland

Neodent - a global leader at your service.

We are one of the biggest implant companies in the world and operate in more than 20 countries. Every year 1 Mio. of our implants are placed by 30’000 dentists worldwide.

Our philosophy is to provide you with a system that stands for Simplicity, Efficiency and Affordability.

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For immediate protocols in all bone types.

  • Alvim CM offers you treatment flexibility because it can be used in any bone type. It has a naturally tapered shape and a trapezoidal double thread.

  • Drive CM offers high primary stability even in challenging situations. Its progressive double square thread and strongly tapered body are designed to achieve high stability in soft bone.

  • Titamax CM offers coronal placement flexibility. There are two apex versions that allow placement in hard and soft bone.

Simplicity - a versatile portfolio with one Cone Morse connection

  • Only one connection for all CM implants
  • Proven Cone Morse abutment-implant connection
  • Precise hexagonal index for easy handling
  • Deep connection for optimal load distribution 
  • 11.5° Cone Morse offers stability and prevents bacteria migration

Efficiency - we offer digital workflows and guided surgery.

Precise digitization with intraoral scanbodies.

Neodent is compatible with major available guided surgery software.

Titanium bases and blanks for customized restorations through leading CAD/CAM software.

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